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LunaLex Creative Content

Behind the name

LunaLex Creative Content is named after our dog, Stellaluna, and our cat, Lexie. Both are rescues.

Stellaluna was found as a stray wandering around Southeast Missouri with her mother. Before a wonderful rescue group saved them, they'd been starved and had gunshot wounds. However, she loves every human she meets and wants to give them kisses.

Lexie was also a stray, separated from her mother at a young age. She has a paralyzed tail, probably as a result of physical trauma she experienced as a young kitten. She was found by a family member and has been part of our family ever since. 

Both girls are a testament to the love and joy that a rescue animal can bring into a family's life. In honor of them, LunaLex Creative Content is a proud sponsor of Stray Rescue of St. Louis. 

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